The 1st YOUTH SOCIAL ACTION “HACKATHON” initiated by CIM (formerly CIFL) in partnership with UK Co-operative College and International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (Icmif Microinsurance), an interactive online gathering exclusively designed for Young Co-operative Leaders to guide them in uniting their community in order to tackle issues and support one another bolstered by cooperative values. Its aim was to provide the participants an opportunity to gain an understanding of how they can use co-operation & co-operative values for social action, explore how they can incorporate social action into organizations & lives, and discern & begin to address key issues within their communities.

Utilizing the Zoom Breakout Rooms feature, it was an interactive platform to hear ideas and view multiple perspectives. Participants were given a chance to speak their minds and provide their own insights in terms of identifying: key issues, existing initiatives, true gaps, and possible solutions.

CLIMBS President and CEO Noel Raboy welcomed the participants and global partners, and echoed the national hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal’s challenge for the youth, being the hope of our nation.


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