Mission and Vision


CLIMBS pursues the economic upliftment of its members nationwide, through insurance

We were born to provide affordable insurance for the many small people in the grassroots countryside, the marginalized poor and the not-so-poor, through their cooperatives. We are reaching out to the areas which big insurance firms are not inclined to visit. The insurance protection we provide is meant to be manifold in aspects: life, non-life, pre-need, etc.

Through grassroots insurance, we were also envisioned to make the financial investments suited to our members’ needs and the cooperative movement.


We subscribe to the cooperative values and principles espoused by Raiffeisen and Rochdale. But we have certain values we pay careful attention to:

  • service excellence, while reserving for growth
  • risk management, especially on members’ monies
  • environment protection, amidst climate change
  • fairness, transparency and accountability in our governance.

We are particularly sensitive to the fact, that our member-investors are also our member-markets.

And we adjudge accordingly.


As the leading cooperative insurance firm in the country, we are going international, into emerging markets in Asia.

As the grassroots insurance leader, we seek not only a broader servicing of cooperative members, but also coverage of NGOs, MFIs and other people-based development groups. As a financial institution, we shall become a group of companies in partnership with cooperatives, into diverse investments, financial packaging and community-impact projects.

As a federation, we are advocating the further development of cooperative thought and the upgrading of management across the entire cooperative movement. We shall show the country that cooperativism is the best way to generate people-based economic upliftment.

These goals are what make CLIMBS different.