A historic partnership meeting of three cooperative federations in the Philippines

NATCCO, MASS-PECC AND CLIMBS headed by its leaders, Ms. Sylvia O. Paraguya, Ms. Bernadette O. Toledo- and Mr. Noel Raboy respectively, with CLIMBS susbsidiary heads CLIFSA CEO, Henry Lopez, CCLPI President and COO, RCDC Chairperson, Mansueto dela Peña and CIM Executive Director, Ms. Donna Dizon at the MASSPECC Cagayan de Oro, February 2, 2021.

Implementation activities that are hinged on Cooperative Values and Principles are underway on three vital concerns of modern times: (1) Digitalization and digital integration of cooperatives, (2) Furthering cooperative education through the Cooperative College and (3) Mobilizing the sector in helping the vulnerable in our communities in the midst of pandemic through innovative means like the Coop Learning Hub.

The outlined activities are, as in the words of the Mindanao-born esteemed cooperative leader, the late Mr. Mordino Cua, “something phenomenal, urgent, and implementable.” Interestingly, these cooperatives, NATCCO, MASSPECC and CLIMBS have ties originating from Mr. Cua whose vision has always inspired cooperators to prepare for the challenges ahead and lay the foundation for the next-generation leaders.