Adopt-A-Neighbor Program

On April 22, CLIMBS CARES volunteers were repacking food packs for CLIMBS Life and General Insurance Cooperative’s Adopt-A-Neighbor Program.

Each employee in the CLIMBS Head Office Cagayan de Oro identified 20 families around their area as beneficiaries for the relief packs. The program with a total fund of P1.1M was able to benefit 2, 690 families within Cagayan de Oro.

President and CEO Noel Raboy said that the Adopt-A-Neighbor is an offshoot from Adopt-A-Hospital program that CLIMBS also recently launched where the fund will come from pledges and donations of CLIMBS employees, cooperative members and partners.

“Every peso counts on this difficult time and so we laud our fellow cooperatives, cooperative members, partners who during this COVID 19 crisis have willingly shared financially for others who needed more help. We hope that these consolidated little efforts that we all can contribute as we combat and beat COVID 19” he added.

“My sincere gratitude as well for CLIMBS employees who courageously went the extra mile for this program to be successful” he also said.

The food packs were distributed during the last week of April.