CLIMBS recently concluded its CAC Kamustahan, which started in the month of May, with partner coops across the country last week. A total of 90 CACs from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao were able to participate and attend the virtual meeting for a total of seven (7) successful virtual CAC Kamustahan.

The said activity was spearheaded by CAC Executive Manager, Ms. Rowena Abella and Vice President for Sales, Mr. Renan Diaz. “Even before COVID19, we have been conducting CAC re-trainings and meetings with our partner CACs which has been very helpful especially in capacity building and addressing different concerns. We wanted to continue even with this health crisis at hand; this is also our way of getting in touch with them, not only about the CAC but how they are coping amidst these challenges”, Ms. Abella commented.

The CoopAssurance Center (CAC) is a distribution channel, through the cooperatives, of CLIMBS microinsurance life and non-life products making it affordable and accessible to the coop’s members and its community.

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