CLIMBS Institute offers a Master’s Degree Program for Cooperative Leaders and Managers

Building resilient, thriving and sustainable cooperatives also need leaders that are strategic, adept, dynamic and innovative. These leaders will ensure that the cooperatives stay healthy and modern – addressing current challenges and realities that change over time.

The CLIMBS Institute for Financial Literacy (CIFL)’s partnership program with the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) will capacitate middle to senior cooperative leaders and managers through the Master in Productivity and Quality Management (MPQM) Major in Cooperative Management.

The MPQM in Cooperative Management was designed in full understanding of the cooperative context, with the goal of improving the quality of leadership, necessary in order for the various cooperatives of the country to fulfill their potential. The program coursework includes Foundations on Productivity and Quality Management and Sustainable Development, Strategic planning, Market focus, Credit and Risk Management and Financial decision making, Microfinance and Microinsurance, Project Development and Management , Organizational and Human Resource Management, Board and Management relationship dynamics, among others.

The Master’s Degree Program spans fourteen (14) months with blended learning and will culminate with an action plan program implementation. It is expected to run from May 2019 to July 2020.

Program details will be announced soon. This is open to all interested cooperative leaders and managers. CIFL partner-rates will be offered.

For applications, please contact the CLIMBS Institute for Financial Literacy (CIFL) through email ,, or mobile number 0936 763 0730.

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