CLIMBS Successfully Implements E-Voting

CLIMBS has successfully joined the ranks of cooperatives in the country that employ electronic technology or automation in their elections.

It was during its 43rd General Assembly on April 25, 2015 at the Waterfront Hotel in Cebu City that CLIMBS e-voting, which was developed by its Information Technology Department headed by Cyfred Odarve was put to a real test, and by all indications, the result was positive.

Odarve and Patrick Doldolea together with other IT staff also developed and implemented CLIMBS Electronic Registration System which also yielded positive result.

The CLIMBS e-voting system was also successfully implemented with the table support of Election Secretariat composed of Ofelia Anog, Rhona Kiunisala and Cyfred Odarve.

Some 349 delegates from 189 cooperatives all over the country have voted without a hitch. Average duration of voting per voter was 45 seconds according to Odarve.

Romuo G. Amarado of PHCCI Dumaguete who chairs the Election Committee of CLIMBS said the committee will be working hard with CLIMBS IT Department and the Election Secretariat to improve the system.

The Elecom earlier strongly pushed for the automated election, noting the many benefits that can be derived from it. With the support of CLIMBS Board of Directors, Management and Staff, the dream became a reality.

Aside from Amarado, other members of the Elecom were Dr. Victoria Pre of SAMULCO and Luzviminda Espita of NOVADECI.

Meanwhile, this year, the Elecom will still have their hands full as they also took the challenge of formulating CLIMBS Election Code, which is mandated by its By-Laws.

Volume 1 Number 32
April – June 2016 Issue