Coop Family Plan



  • Yearly renewable term insurance for at least 5 members of the family.
  • At least 18 years old and not more than 69 years old at last birthday (age of entry to the plan)
  • Members and non-members of the cooperative are eligible to apply
  • Their legitimate children from 1 to 17 years old may also participate in the plan.
  • If there are no minor children, the following are eligible for children slots and entitled to children benefits only:
    • Parents, brothers and sisters of the planholder/members, grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins up to the 4th civil degree with incontestable proof of membership to the same family household. In-laws are also eligible, provided that they can also be proven as incontestable member of the same family household of the planholder/member.
  • They must be in good health, able to perform the usual duties of their livelihood and not afflicted with life threatening diseases.


The face amount of insurance is 15,000 pesos up to the maximum of 100,000 pesos insurance coverage.

Principal Spouse 3 Children
Life Insurance Php 15,000 Php 100,000 Php 200,000
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Php 15500 Php 50,000 Php 100,000
Cash Burial Benefits Php 7,500 Php 15,000 Php 30,000
Hospital Confinement Daily Benefit Php 200/day for 5 days Php 200/day for 5 days Php 200/day
Weekly Indemnity for Loss of Income due to Accident Php 5/1000 of coverage for 1 week of current policy Php 5/1000 of coverage for 1 week of current policy NONE


In the event of the death of the child: 4 years old and below.

BENEFITS Company’s Liability
Less than 1 year 10% of the sum insured
1 year or more, but less than 2 years 20% of the sum insured
2 years or more, but less than 3 years 40% of the sum insured
3 years or more, but less than 4 years 60% of the sum insured
4 years or more, but less than 5 years 80% of the sum insured
5 years or more 100% of the sum insured