Coop Leaders Must Wake Up and Dare to Think Big

Cooperative leaders must “wake up, look around and dare to think big” in order to survive in this highly competitive world.”

This challenge was articulated by Former Cebu Representative Pablo Garcia in his keynote address during the CLIMBS 43rd General Assembly last April 25, 2015 at the Waterfront Hotel in Cebu City.

The world today, he said is very much different from 30 to 40 years ago.

“It is now a game of survival of the fittest. Competition is the name of the game,” Garcia pointed out.

But the Former Deputy Speaker of the House and a bar topnotcher expressed optimism on the capability of the coop movement to rise above the challenge, considering that cooperatives, according to him are already empowered by law.

He said that the source of this power is the constitution and other laws of the land. For example Garcia said cooperatives are tax free and under the law, government entities and instumentalities are mandated to extend technical and financial assistance to cooperatives.

He also said that a cooperative entering into a contract with the government will be exempted from pre-qualification bidding. “So the constitution and laws of the land are there to make the cooperatives succeed.” Garcia Said.

“What else can you ask?” Garcia wondered.

But the big question he said is whether coops have the courage and will to use these powers to make their dreams come true. “You have the power but you are sleeping on those powers,” he lamented.

Garcia went on to challenge coop leaders to go into big business ventures, such as real estate, power distribution, among others, noting that blue chip entities such as San Miguel Corporation, SM, Ayala, Robinsons and others have gone into diversification for a long time.


Volume 1 Number 28
April – June 2015 Issue