We are yet to declare triumph over COVID-19, but this virus will not stop us from celebrating the indomitable will of the human spirit; amidst adversity it refuses to yield its compassion and selflessness. This pandemic has shown us the darker side of humanity; hoarding necessities either for personal use or for profit. In that darkness, the light of the cooperatives pierced through it and proved generosity is a commodity which will never be out of stock with cooperatives.


Since March 21st CLIMBS initiated the Adopt A Hospital Program wherein donations of food and/or PPEs were provided to our front-liners and healthcare workers. Since then, CLIMBS has asked other cooperatives to join in the program and they have responded to the call for solidarity. Our partner-cooperatives and member-cooperatives donated any amount they could, which was used to purchase either food or PPE, and then delivered to hospitals in their areas declared as COVID-19 centers or to border checkpoint front-liners.


CLIMBS would like to take this opportunity to express its deepest gratitude for these cooperatives who answered the call for solidarity. We also salute our other fellow cooperators who have shown in different capacities and in their own initiatives, continue to live-out our Cooperative principle on Concern for Community.


CLIMBS recognizes these cooperatives for their help and generosity (as of May 13, 2020):