Data Privacy Notice and Consent Form

Data Privacy Notice and Consent Form

Dear Client,

CLIMBS shall protect the data you provided in compliance with the Data Privacy Law of 2012 and it’s implementing rules and regulations. CLIMBS will not collect, disclose or process personal data, including data that may be classified as personal information and/or sensitive personal information unless you voluntarily choose to provide us with it and give your consent thereto, or unless such disclosure is required by applicable laws and regulations. Personal or sensitive personal information is information pertaining to racial or ethnic origin, religious belief, political affiliations, education, health or information provided by government agencies which are peculiar to individuals and such other data declared to be sensitive.

CLIMBS shall keep the Data throughout the term of the engagement and for a period of ten (10) years thereafter. CLIMBS shall take appropriate and commercially reasonable technical and organizational measure to ensure the requisite data security to protect the Data against unauthorized disclosure or unauthorized access. CLIMBS shall require its affiliates, subsidiaries and third parties who process the Data to adhere to similar or comparable data protection standards as required by the Data Privacy Law of 2012.

You understand that you are given certain rights under the Data Privacy Act, including the right to object to processing of your data, the right to access your data, the right to correct any inaccurate data, and the right to erasure or blocking of data. For more information on these rights, and for requests to review the Data, to withdraw consent to the use of the Data for any of the purpose stated above, and/or to correct or update the Data, please contact our Data Privacy Officer at

Sincerely yours,

In compliance with the Data Privacy Act (DPA) of 2012, and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) effective since September 8, 2016, I allow CLIMBS to provide me certain services declared in relation to the insurance policy/ies I purchased.

As such, I agree and authorize CLIMBS to:

  1. Continue to use my policies’ information to process insurance services and administer the benefits as stated in my policy(ies).
  2. Retain my information for a period of ten years from the date of termination of my policy, or at such time that I submit to CLIMBS a written cancellation of this consent, whichever is earlier. I agree that my information will be deleted/ destroyed after this period.
  3. Retain my information in the Medical Information Database shared with other life insurance companies in accordance with the Insurance Regulation.
  4. Share my information to affiliates and necessary third parties for any legitimate business purpose. I am assured that security systems are employed to protect my information.
  5. Inform me of future customer campaigns and base its offer using the personal information I shared with CLIMBS.

I also acknowledge and warrant that I have acquired the consent from all parties relevant to this consent and hold free and harmless and indemnify CLIMBS from any complaint, suit, or damages which any party may file or claim in relation to my consent.

Insured Signature over Printed Name / Date

For more information, you may visit our Privacy Statement at

Further information on Data Protection:

The Data Privacy Officer / CLIMBS Life and General Insurance Cooperative
National Highway, Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines
Telephone No.: (088) 856 1355 local 120 Email address: