Home Assure


Loss of Home and Household belongings through FIRE, Loss of earnings through accident of family member, Liability to others due to negligence, Loss of belonging caused by Housebreaking/Robbery are the most feared events in life by each family. While it’s just a question of MONEY to some, the burden of worry may be too much to bear for any family. How much more for a family already struggling in financial difficulties?


Our Home Assure Comprehensive Residential Insurance Package is specially designed for your Family and Home, with affordable recommended annual premium rates. It can be purchased on its own or in addition to your existing insurance. The Home Assure Comprehensive Residential Insurance Package gives you insurance protection that covers the loss of your residence and its content due to:

  • Fire and/or Lighting
  • Earthquake
  • Typhoon
  • Flood
  • Explosion
  • Smoke
  • Vehicle Impact
  • Falling Aircraft
  • Riot Strike and Malicious Damage


Alternative Accommodation
In addition to the overall limit of the sum insured under the policy, in the event of the building/s being rendered uninhabitable caused by FIRE, the company will indemnify the insured against reasonable additional expense for alternative comparable accommodation subject to a limit of Php 10,000 per month for a maximum of 6 months.


Debris Removal
Pays the insured against the actual cost of removal of all debris of the damaged building/s subject to a maximum limit of Php 50,000.


Fire Fighting Expenses
Pay actual cost of materials used and or damaged in extinguishing or putting out a fire within the assured’s premises subject to a maximum limit of Php 20,000.


Domestic Outbuilding Clause
This policy shall be extended to provide coverage for walls, gates, fences, small outside buildings, extensions, annexes, steel and iron frameworks and water tanks within the insured’s premises subject to a maximum limit of Php 20,000.


Comprehensive Personal Liability(CPL)
Covers the amount for which the insured maybe legally liable up to Php 100,000 in respect to accidental bodily injury(whether fatal or not) and accidental damage to property of any third party. It also extends to cover legal costs. The insured’s liability including those of the members of his/her family, including servants residing within the insured’s premises which should have been insured within the said premises by virtue of his being the: (a)owner and occupant of the building, or(b) tenant occupying the building.


Family Personal Accident
Covers the insured’s family members residing within the premises against accidental death and disablement subject to the following:

Insured Spouse/Parent Up to 4 persons/child
Accidental Death & Disablement Php 100,000 Php 50,000 Php 10,000
Accidental Medical Reimbursement Php 10,000 Php 5,000 Php 1,000
Murder & Assault Php 100,000 Php 50,000 Php 10,000


Housebreaking / Burglary or any attempt threat accompanied by actual forcible entry and violent breaking into or out of the insured building. The sum insured will be equivalent to 10% of the total household content coverage or not more than P300,000 whichever is lower subject to a P5,000 deduction on any one occurrence. List of household contents to be covered for housebreaking/burglary is required.