Philippine cooperative leaders participated in CLIMBS and Co-operative College of UK’s flagship Global Cooperative Executive Program in Asia

Cooperative leadership has been viewed in so many aspects, individually and as a group.  In a rapidly changing time and environments,  leadership in our cooperatives is being tested,  wherever we are in the world. The 1st Global Cooperative Executive Masterclass  provided a different lens on being a cooperative leader.  The Masterclass allowed participants to be more self-reflective on their leadership styles while espousing the universal values and principles on Cooperation, as an international movement.

Lecture and workshop sessions include setting the co-operative leadership context, global comparisons and case studies, the leader’s own preferences affecting leadership style and understanding leadership challenges and potential solutions.

Delivered by experts from the Co-operative College of United Kingdom, the Global Executive Education Program is a unique partnership between the CLIMBS Institute for Financial Literacy, the education and training arm of CLIMBS and the 100-year old Co-operative College – helping and developing cooperative leaders worldwide.

The 1st Global Cooperative Executive Masterclass was held in Manila, Philippines from February 21 to 23, 2019.  The Masterclass was attended by more than 20 cooperators representing 16 cooperatives of various types, nationwide. One of the highlights of the activity was the ceremonial signing of the partnership agreement between the parties represented by  Noel D. Raboy, President and CEO of CLIMBS Life and General Insurance Cooperative and Simon Parkinson, Principal and CEO of Co-operative College, United Kingdom.