During a crisis, the community always looks to its leader as the voice of reason. The assurance that things are under control, even though the situation may seem hopeless. Today and yesterday, our very own President and CEO, Mr. Noel Raboy took time from his busy schedule in order to address CLIMBS employees and subsidiary officers from all over the Philippines through the help of Zoom and Facebook Live. Mr. Raboy updated everyone how the day-to-day is in the Head Office and how he is addressing government mandated work environment during this pandemic. He touched upon the possibilities of what we can do in lieu of the activities and gatherings which have been temporarily suspended. He also allowed everyone to be heard regarding the status of the working conditions in their respective areas, as well as the concerns they have with adapting to this “new normal”.

In closing, Pres. Noel’s uplifting statement about how we will certainly bounce back from this momentary set back managed to calm everyone’s fears of the future. He said we will be revitalized, because we refuse to be defeated by COVID-19