The New CLIMBS in the New Normal

At the start of the new year, CLIMBS conduct its first Virtual Team Building, last January 5, 2021, with the theme: “The New CLIMBS in the New Normal”.

First part of CLIMBS’s Virtual Team Building, Ms. Marietta Magallones, CLIMBS Human Resources and Administration Manager, Introduced the facilitator, Dr. Neric Acosta. He is a public servant, environmentalist, educator and international scholar who believes in the goodness and excellence of every Filipino. Ms. Magallones also introduced the 14 participating CLIMBS Teams: Orange, Black, Gray, Brown, Green, Pink, Purple, Silver, Gold, Red, White, Blue, Yellow and Maroon Team.

Dr. Neric Acosta, Facilitator

Dr. Neric recalls the topics discussed in the previous team building, happened on December 2019, the 3 T’s and 3 A’s. 3 T’s stands for Trust, Teamwork and Targets – meaning, without trust, there will be no teamwork, and if there’s’ no teamwork, target will never be met.; and 3 A’s stands for Appreciation, Affirmation and Action – if we appreciate one another, we will be grateful, and if we are grateful, we affirm it; and as a result, our action will move together through positive energy.

A highlight of the CLIMBS’s 1st Virtual Team Building is the creation of the CLIMBS UNITY TOWER in the NEW NORMAL. The facilitator, Dr. Neric Acosta, instructed the `14 participating teams to build the strongest and tallest ‘spaghetti tower’ in 15 minutes with the use of pasta sticks and masking tape. The objective was to test the strength and stability of the towers. In addition, the teams created their own logo, image, or slogan that reflected the theme of the event using whatever art materials were available to them. Both activities were meant to highlight the values of: solidarity, unity, and hope.

The winner of the Spaghetti Tower & Logo making was Silver Team and the runners up were Purple Team and Brown Team. The Silver Team came up with the slogan of “Stronger CLIMBS. Resilient Philippines”, explaining that due to the current pandemic coupled with the recent natural calamities it is crucial to mainstream disaster risk management. With CLIMBS as the frontrunner of protection and security, it will focus on improving coordination and resiliency amongst cooperatives and the less fortunate. The Brown Team explained their tower as a testament to the effort and unity of its makers. Although imperfect at initial glance, it still represents the undeniable truth that every micro effort will have a macro impact in its sturdiness. It symbolizes the never-give-up attitude of CLIMBS. The Purple Team’s very tall tower represents reaching new heights. Its pyramid like structure symbolizes the necessity of a strong foundation in order to keep going further without fear of collapsing halfway through.

The winner and runners up were not the only ones with profound explanations regarding their towers and slogans, the remaining teams have theirs as well and here are some of them:

Green Team – their slogan is “CLIMBS Coping with Change amidst the Pandemic”. Empathy and compassion as the two main ingredients to trigger global healing and to cure indifference. CLIMBS will be the forerunner of the two mentioned qualities, being a grassroots cooperative; one which has withstood the test of time and will definitely keep defying the odds long after this pandemic is over.

Black Team – their slogan is “Digital is the New Normal”. This means that CLIMBS has adapted to the circumstances not just for its own survival, but for the benefit of everyone including community members who rely a great deal on the generosity of the company and its leaders. Their tower represents the whole CLIMBS family, a unit which will stand united whatever challenge or obstacle may arise.

CLIMBS aims to motivate its employees to work together, to develop their strengths, to address any weaknesses and to encourage collaborations rather than competition. Despite the pandemic, which deter the face-to-face team building, CLIMBS made a way to push-through because they want their employees to feel connected even through virtual platform.

In conclusion, CLIMBS wants to strengthen and affirm its employees on team building capacity, because the organization believes that cultivating the culture of care will make them united, for the betterment of the organization. As what Rev. Fr. Elmo Manching, the Chairperson of CLIMBS Board of Directors, said: “As a cooperative, every member, every employee therein, should be able to contribute in building-up the cooperatives’ goal”.