Youth For Coops

International Youth Day (IYD) was first celebrated in August 12, 2000 and since then has been recognized annually on the same month & day. It is an awareness day designated by the United Nations (UN). It is meant as an opportunity for governments and others to draw attention to a given set of cultural & legal youth issues worldwide. This year’s theme is “Youth Engagement for Global Action” which seeks to highlight how the engagement of young people at the local and international levels is enriching national and multilateral institutions. This year’s IYD seeks to put the spotlight on youth engagement through the following three interconnected streams:
1. Engagement at the local/community level;
2. Engagement at the national level (formulation of laws, policies, and their implementation); and
3. Engagement at the global level.

COVID-19 affects all segments of the population, with young people playing a key role in the management of this outbreak and the recovery following the outbreak. Our young cooperators and leaders play an important role in good social action. CLIMBS believes in this and has launched its #YouthForCoops campaign for the youth, with its 1st virtual Youth Social Action Hackathon in June 26th with partners Co-operative College and the Icmif Microinsurance.

As a global and sustainable movement, let us join the United Nations in their #31DaysOfYOUth social media campaign in celebrating young people throughout the month of August.

Be part of our youth-related advocacy campaigns!

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Happy #YOUthDay!