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Sta. Catalina Credit Cooperative CoopAssurance Center

“Using CLIMBS INSURTECH makes our daily transactions for Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) policy issuance fast, effective and efficient because it is linked with Land Transportation Office for authentication. It is very convenient to use compared to previous systems because it is a digital and paperless transaction; it can automatically generate policy, COC and official receipt. No more pending transactions due to unavailability of the printed policy and COC from CLIMBS. Congratulations to CLIMBS IT department for this excellent system innovation to become globally competitive.”

Bukluran Multi-Purpose Cooperative

Insurtech App and Insurtech Portal are indeed great help to us CAC’s for we can process/issue insurance policies everywhere.

We no longer experience hassle in printing of forms. This is one of the great ideas of CLIMBS to deliver services to their CAC’s.

Good job and keep it up.

Cebu Mitsumi Multi-Purpose Cooperative

Good day! I just wanted to share a quick testimony and let you know that we at CEMIMPCO Insurance Team are glad that there is an Insurtech system developed since pandemic days.

The Insurtech system is much faster and easier to use compared to the old system. It is used to take a few minutes to issue the motorcar insurance while our customers are waiting. Our site has no strong internet connection, hence; Insurtech system is very essential because we will issue thru mobile phones and the issued policy will save via email and copy to OTG then connect to computer. Otherwise, there is no need to use of the insurance form (COC, Invoice & Policy) which makes the form crumpled using the printer because if the not-s-good quality of paper. It is easy to access and can insure with no hassle.

May CLIMBS continue its good services which leads satisfaction to our customers.

Thank you and more power CLIMBS!

CLIFSA Dumaguete Satellite Office

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate the IT’s of CLIMBS for the success of Insurtech. We’re glad that CLIMBS adopt immediately to what we called “New Normal”. Insurtech is the best choice for those clients doesn’t want to go out due to pandemic coz we can send the policy via email and they can send their payment thru gcash, remittance center or bank transfer.


Minimize workloads (I will no longer prints COC’s because I always experienced that the printer will crumple it, maybe because of the quality of the paper, no longer required to authenticate on ISAPCOCAS and Prints policies for office filing and remittance file).

Easy access (you can access and can issue policy even you are in the field)

Send the policy via email (If client cannot personally come to the office to get an insurance, we can send it to them).

Thank you and may God bless us all.

Sacred Heart Savings Cooperative

Mas madali syang gamitin sa kadahilanang hindi na kailangang mag prepare ng maraming papel para maka issue nang policy para maka issue ng policy. Automatic na rin itong mag generate ng COC at Policy Number at hindi na kailangang iencode pa ang mga ito. Mas madali na rin ang pag authenticate dahil hindi na kailangang mag open ng dalawang site para maka issue, dahil nasa iisang Mobile App na ito. Mabilis din ang response ng CLIMBS Team na tumugon sa aming katanungan. Salamat CLIMBS sa Insurtech.

MCC Multi-Purpose Cooperative

Da’ best dahil malaking tulong ang Insurtech Application Ng CLIMBS sa ating Non-Life Insurance (CTPL, COMPREHENSIVE, STANDARD FIRE, COOP AKSI & etc) At lalong lalo na ngayon PANDEMIC, It is Easy and Convenient to use, Hassle free, paperless and in terms of issuing the Policy automatic na mag generate ang COC at POLICY once we input all the information required. Before, we must need to communicate the H.O or the Non-Life Department for the authentication. But now, you only need to do is just to Tap, Type, Save and Email. And also, the CACs can easily monitor all their sales. All I can say that we are globally competitive through this kind of innovation. And thank you for the very supportive and responsive team of CLIMBS TSO and the management. #WeClimbAsOne