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Weather Protect Insurance Testimonials

CLIMBS’ Weather Protect Insurance plays a crucial role in sustainable agriculture solutions.

Mr. Randy Abalos Dabin of Ilocos Consolidated Cooperative Bank (ICCB), one of the farmer-members, shares a brief testimony on how the Weather Protect Insurance has been a great help to their livelihood and how it has alleviated their farming practices by providing them with pesticides to protect their crops from pests and disease. Weather Protect Insurance, with the support of international partners such as the Insuresilience Solutions Funds (ISF), IBISA, Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT, has assisted farmer-members across the country in safeguarding their source of income by ensuring payouts are made as soon as possible. Additionally, Ilocos Consolidated Cooperative Bank (ICCB) President, Mr. Ruben Habon, expresses his gratitude to CLIMBS Weather Protect Insurance for the fast payouts they received from Typhoon Egay triggers, which they converted to farm inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, and seedlings for their farmer members. In order to address the harrowing challenges brought on by climate-related risks, WPI aims to broaden and increase its influence in the field of agriculture by cultivating partnerships and support from international partners and both private and public sectors. 

Another brief testimony from Ms. Sonia Umani, a farmer-member from San Basilio Credit Cooperative, of how CLIMBS’ Weather Protect Insurance assists farmers by giving them fertilizers and insecticides for their crops. The Weather Protect Insurance, guarantees that farmers in the agriculture sector are effectively protected in times of tragedy or disaster by ensuring quick and fast payouts in times of trigger. Subsequently, Mr. Romulo Veliselye, a farmer-member from the SACDECO Bantay Branch, expresses his deep gratitude to CLIMBS’ Weather Protect Insurance for ensuring that payouts are efficiently distributed to the coops and added to their savings accounts. This momentum paves the way for parametric insurance and smart farming solutions to significantly contribute to one of the WPI’s primary objectives in aiding and assisting in livelihood of farmer-members’ in times of a disaster or tragedy.


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USAID: “CLIMBS’ Weather Protect Insurance is a tool for resiliency”

In a recent published article on, Emily Varga, the senior cooperative development advisor, USAID Bureau for Development, Democracy, and Innovation (DDI)/Local, Faith, and Transformative Partnerships (LFT), Betsy Ness-Edelstein, the evaluation team lead, Abt Associates, and Sarah Carson, the evaluation research coordinator, Abt Associates, compiled a series of perspectives extracted from the performance evaluations of four USAID specialists from Peru, the Philippines, Kenya, and Paraguay on the recent Cooperative Development Program (CDP), which aims to support initiatives that advance the cooperative sector in the respective countries where USAID is located.

One of the specialists, Mr. Jay de Quiros, an economic growth specialist from USAID Missions Philippines, briefly cited CLIMBS Life and General Insurance Cooperative’s Weather Protect Insurance (WPI) as an example of how the development of crop insurance products acts as a tool for resilience among farmers and the integration of resilience frameworks into future activity designs.

“This enables faster payouts without necessitating slow and cumbersome field validation done in traditional insurance schemes,” he stated during the interview when asked about the role of cooperatives and credit unions in how they can contribute to resilience in the country.

The Weather Protect Insurance, which was created in 2021, is the first parametric insurance that guarantees that farmers and cooperative members will be able to receive payouts for the risk caused by disaster or calamity through various trigger parameters that measure rainfall and wind speed.

When it comes to enhancing the economic situation of small-scale farmers, improving agriculture productivity, and promoting sustainable farming practices, projects like the WPI provide a practical example of how the cooperative sector plays a crucial role in revitalizing the agriculture industry through these projects by starting at the grassroots level and using a solutions-based bottom-up approach when it comes to resolving issues brought on by tragedy or climate change.

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Bohol Diocesan Multi-Purpose Cooperative

On behalf of BDMPC My sincere appreciation for the excellent job your staff have done over the past several months for making Insurtech a success. Thanks to climbs leadership and dedication combined with your staff’s teamwork and energy, we are now enjoying the results of the work which is to make the current system more efficient. I list down the Advantages of using Insurtech: Easy access for cooperative to avail insurance services. No longer need authentication on ISAPOCAS which is good less hassle for us. Can provide quotation for comprehensive insurance. Easily access our monthly reports and keep tract of our Income, Also I like the way how climbs going paperless coz it can help the business reduce cost, re-prioritize workloads, it offer convenience for us. Again, Thank you climbs for all you do For all the little and big ways you’ve pitched in…thanks!

Palompon Community Multi-Purpose Cooperative

Congratulations to CLIMBS for this innovation! This has indeed made the transactions more convenient and safer for both the clients and for us partners as well. The advancement in the process backs up our efforts of continuously promoting safety and precautions against COVID19. Kudos! God bless us all!

Abuyog St. Francis Xavier Credit Cooperative

It’s a WOW clap for CLIMBS InsurTech! We’re happy that CLIMBS responds to the demand of new generation of high technology.  InsurTech is a user-friendly technology for me since it made me easier to insure and issue policies on Non-Life Insurance, unlike before there were lots of paperworks to do. Now, even if you’re not in the office as long as there is an internet connection we can easily issue policy.

InsurTech is very helpful in this new normal because our clients don’t need to go to our office to avail like our CTPL, because we can just send their policy via email and they can pay the premium thru Gcash. hassle-free. Thank you CLIMBS and to Sir Merboy for being responsive with all my concerns.

More Power and God Bless!

Danao Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative

As CAC-in-Charge of DAEMCO, I can say that Insurtech App is easier to use compare to old system. Hassle free from issuance of policy to printing. All are system generated, including Policy, COC and Authentications. In times of no internet connection, no need to worry coz mobile data will do. The Insurtech Application is very useful during pandemic times, coz I can accommodate client and issue policy wherever I go and send the policy via email or messenger. Thank you